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A scope eyepiece extension will improve the performance of whatever quality scope you use.

As the light in your scope is less than the surrounding light, by blocking out this light your eye will adjust to make maximum use of the light in your scope.

They fit over the ocular end of the scope.


ANTE40-ABlack Stubby Rubber Rifle Scope EyepieceALPHA

£9.60p each
£6.00p each

2 3/8 inches / 60mm long overall.

1 5/8 inch / 40mm inner diameter.
ANTE40-BBlack Rubber Rifle Scope EyepieceBETA (LONG)

£7.50p each

3 7/8 inches / 98mm long overall.

1 1/2 inch / 38mm inner diameter.
ANTE40-OBlack Stubby Rubber Rifle Scope EyepieceOMEGA

£10.00p each

2 3/8 inches / 60mm long overall.

1 1/2-3/4 inch / 38-40mm inner diameter.
ANTE40-KBlack Stubby Rubber Rifle Scope EyepieceKAPPA ~ Shuttered design

£12.00p each

2 5/8 inches / 66mm long overall.

1 3/4-5/8 inch / 40-42mm inner diameter.
Condition: New

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Heavy-duty thick rubber.

Black, eyepiece extension with concertina style section.

Fits larger eyepiece scopes / sights and suits right or left handed shooters.

The Kappa model can be used on the Pulsar Quantum XQ38 Thermal Monocular, the eye relief will be a bit further back, but it avoids reflections on the lens.

Customer feedback regarding PARD night vision sights:

The eye cup on the PARD 007 and 008 are the same.

You will need to pack out the Alpha eye cup to make it fit.

That works for the PARD 007, as the battery fits from the front, so when you have fitted the eye cup you do not have to take it off again.

If you fit the Alpha to the PARD 008, as it has a thick collar, and as you have used padding you have to remove the eye cup every time to replace the battery and soon becomes loose, you also have to reset your eye sight each time.

The battery is inserted from the rear.

With padding (electrical tape) the Alpha works well on the PARD 008, just a pain when you change the battery.

Black Stubby Rubber Rifle Scope Eyepiece
45mm Diameter Black Stubby Rubber Rifle Scope Eyepiece

38mm Diameter Black Rubber Rifle Scope Eyepiece Extender

KAPPA model below: showing the internal gate that opens when pressure is applied.

Ideal for blocking nightvison / thermal scope rear screen glare.

45mm Diameter Black Stubby Rubber Rifle Scope Eyepiece


BISE60Bisley 60mm Long Scope Eye Cup ExtenderSHORT

£12.00p each

60mm long, including the foldable eye cup.
BISE90Bisley 90mm Long Scope Eye Cup ExtenderLONG

£14.40p each

90mm long, including the foldable eye cup.
Condition: New

Black, rubber eyepiece scope extension.
1.5 inch / 38mm inner diameter.

The thick rubber will stretch to fit at least 42mm diameter scopes.
Fits 98% of scopes and suits most shooters including left-handers and those who use glasses.

Reduces distractions from lamps, wind, dust and rain.
Increase your dawn and dusk shooting time.

Also available ~ Bisley Scope Maximisers.

Bisley 60mm Long Scope Eye Cup Extender
Bisley 90mm Long Scope Eye Cup Extender

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