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A scope eyepiece cup will improve the performance of whatever quality scope you use.

As the light in your scope is less than the surrounding light, by blocking out this light your eye will adjust to make maximum use of the light in your scope.

They fit over the ocular end of the scope.


£17.40p each

£16.20p each

Buy two or more for 10% OFF Condition: New
Bisley Scope Maximizer Rubber Eyepiece

Thick rubber eyepiece maximizer.

Eliminates eyepiece glare under all lighting conditions.

Main section is 3½ inches / 9cm long, before the foldable eye cup.

1½ inch / 38mm inner diameter.

Weight ~ 61 grams.

The thick rubber will stretch to fit at least 42mm diameter scopes.

Fits 98% of scopes and suits most shooters including left-handers and those who use glasses.

Can be positions depending on your shooting style.

Cuts out distractions from lamps, wind, dust and rain.

Increase your dawn and dusk shooting by up to to 15 minutes.

Designed to give you the maximum benefits of your scope by allowing your eye to "tune in" to the scope without distractions.

Fitting tips;

Smear a small amount of powder inside the lip of the maximiser, then push on to suit your eye relief and rotate to suit your shooting style.

Bisley Scope Maximizer Rubber Eyepiece
Bisley Scope Maximizer Rubber Eyepiece with Packaging

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