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Known PayPal Cart Issues

1. If when going to the cart, you are redirected to PayPal's home page, you are likely using an Apple device.

SOLUTION: Probably due to the cart opening in a new broswers tab, which is blocked by Safari, if possible please try another browser or device.

2. The cart will show items as sold out if you order more than is in stock, rather than letting you know how many are left.

SOLUTION: Waiting on a PayPal update. Please reduce quantity or contact us for inventory check.

3. Not all sales are then reducing the inventory quantities, then leading to sales on items that have unknowingly sold out.

SOLUTION: PayPal are working on the bug. Please bare with us, as if this happens we will likely have to refund your payment.

4. It has not happened for a while now, but occasionally PayPal fails to send the payment email, leaving us unaware of the sale.

SOLUTION: If you haven't received and email from us within one working day (usually confirming the orders dispatch), then unless the problem is with the provided email address, please contact us to confirm the sale.

Is it in stock?

Unless marked as sold out etc, then it is in stock, in the UK and available.

The exceptions being a delay in updating straight after the last sells, or human error :|

We very occasionally add clearly marked pre-order only items to check demand.

Do you accept card payments?

We can only accept card payments through PayPal.

The sites cart is provided by PayPal, however there is an option to checkout without the need to have a PayPal account, although PayPal still process the payment for your security.

Image of PayPal Checkout Options
When will you confirm my order?

You will receive a payment receipt email from PayPal soon after your payment has been successful.

We will email you once your order has been dispatched.

When will my order be sent?

Orders are usually sent within 1 working day, with the exception of large item orders that are sent by courier and orders of age restricted items as these can take longer to process.

The shipping option / speed is dependant on the order weight / value.

The default option is Royal Mail 2nd class (3-6 working days), we automatically upgrade this on higher value / multi-item orders.

Bulky items or orders weighing over 2 kilos are usually sent by courier

Why is the cart button missing?

We remove cart buttons if experiencing IT problems, so to avoid delays in processing orders, or when closed for Holidays etc.

We may also remove cart buttons from age restricted products when there is limited time available to run age checks.

You can then contact us first, to pass an age check and we will add the cart button/s.

Our regular customers can simply request the cart button/s.

Do you send items outside the UK?

The cart is set for United Kingdom orders only and some items have restrictions on being exported.

Please contact us first to check availability.

If you receive an Airmail shipping quote, it can be added to the cart from this link.

The minimum order value outside the UK is usually £10.

'Virtual' delivery address.

Due to an increase in delays with orders to the Virtual addresses such as Parcel Motel / Parcel Wizard etc, you will need to use Royal Mail's tracked delivery option.

That is option 2 or 3 from the cart button on this link.

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