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Remington 870 Express Series 12g QD Swivel Stud Mag CapREMINGTON 870 EXPRESS ~ 12g

£14.00p per set
Remington 870 Express Series 20g QD Swivel Stud Mag CapREMINGTON 870 EXPRESS ~ 20g

£14.00p per set
Remington 870 Series Mag Cap QD Swivel StudREMINGTON 870

£16.00p per set
Remington 1100 QD Mag Cap Swivel StudREMINGTON 1100

£14.00p per set
Remington 11-87 QD Stud Magazine CapREMINGTON 11-87

£20.00p per set
Mossberg 590/835 Replacement Magazine Cap with QD Sling Swivel StudMOSSBERG 590

£18.00p per set
Winchester 1200/1300 QD Stud CapWINCHESTER 1200

£18.00p per set
Browning BPS/A5 Replacement Mag Cap QD Swivel Stud SetBROWNING BPS/A5

£16.00p per set
Browning Gold Magazine Cap with QD Sling Swivel StudBROWNING GOLD ~ 12g

£18.00p per set
Mossberg 500 QD Map Cap Swivel Stud Base SetMOSSBERG 500

£20.00p per set

Please let use know your findings on the questionnaire below.

Condition: New

Magazine cap with quick-detach sling swivel base, to replace your factory fitted magazine cap.

They accept QD sling swivels with pins of a 3.5mm diameter.

The Remington 1100 and Browning BPS/A2 can also be supplied for 20g by prior-request.

Also available ~ Automatic and pump shotgun sling fittings and Shotgun magazine tube rails.
Remington 870 express should fit (12g and 20g available);
Remington 870 Express series with internal mag tube ratchet type system.
Not for 3 1/2" mags.
Remington 870 should fit;
Remington 870 12 gauge series, 870F, 870 Special Field, 870 Lightweight Ltd with ball & detent barrel lug system.
It should also fit Remington 870 Wingmaster.
Remington 1100 should fit;
Remington 12 gauge 1100 Series, 1100 Auto, 1100 Lightweight Field, 1100 Trap (No: M256124V).
Please note; for late model 1100's (with internal ratchet on end cap) the following 11-87 cap will fit.
Remington 11-87 should fit;
Remington 12 gauge 11-87, 11-96.
Mossberg 590 should fit;
Mossberg 590/835 shotguns with internal mag tube ratchet type system.
Winchester 1200 should fit;
Winchester 1200, 1300, Defender, Ranger Pump, Super X, SXP (stronger replacement for original Winchester SXP Field pump action 12 gauge).
Browning BPS/A2 should fit;
Browning 12 gauge BPS, Auto 5, Silver Hunter. Needs confirmation, possibly only compatible with production runs of 1998 and onwards, and may not fit the Silver Hunter. The Browning Gold mag cap will fit the pre-1998 Silver Hunter but with a slight gap, so will need a washer to prevent movement in the forend.
Browning Auto-5 Light Twelve.
Browning Gold should fit;
Browning 12 gauge Gold shotguns.
Please note; reportly does not fit the Browning Gold Clay semi auto.
Mossberg 500 should fit;
Mossberg 12 Gauge slide-action 500 series without QD swivel studs, 500 slugster, 500 ATP.
Shotgun Magazine Cap with QD Sling Swivel QD Stud Base

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