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SSB-112 Gauge Single Shotgun Barrel Base Fittings12g SINGLE BARREL

21.6mm - 22.9mm
(.850" - .900")

£14.00p per set
SSB-212 Gauge Over and Under Shotgun Barrel Base Fittings'SOME' 12g OVER AND UNDER BARRELS

19.9mm - 21.0mm
(.775" - .825")

£14.00p per set
SSB-312 Gauge Over and Under Shotgun Barrel Base Fittings'MOST' 12g OVER AND UNDER BARRELS

20.3mm - 21.6mm
(.800" - .850")

£14.00p per set
SSB-516 Gauge Single Shotgun Barrel Base Fittings16g SINGLE BARREL

19.0mm - 20.3mm
(.750" - .800")

£14.00p per set
SSB-720 Gauge Single Shotgun Barrel Base Fittings20g SINGLE BARREL

17.8mm - 19.0mm
(.700" - .750")

£14.00p per set

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Special Offer: Order with anything else and receive a £2 refund. Condition: New

Quick-detach swivel bases for barrels or magazine tubes.
They accept QD sling swivels with pins of a 3.5mm diameter.

The split barrel band should ideally be fitted from 13 to 17 inches forward from the trigger.

To install, firstly degrease the barrel band and the location it will be fitted to.

Then screw-in the slotted-head, hollow grub screw, into the hole at the end of the band, until one or two threads show on the inside.

It is hollow as your QD sling swivel fits through it.

Place both halves of the band on where they are to be fitted and now screw-in the Allen head screw.

Make sure that if there is a gap between the halves, that it is evenly spaced.

When secure, the band may be able to rotate if force is applied, for a permanent fixing, adhesive can be used.

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12g Single Barrel should fit;
Baikal 12 Gauge IJ-18e (barrel o/s diam. 22.28mm).
Browning A-5, Magnum and Double Auto.
J.C. Higgens model 60 12 gauge auto.
Remington 31.
Weirauch HW98 (Can fit fine but you could put some thin rubber strip in the shape of the band for a tight fit, e.g bicycle inner tube).
Winchester 1200, Model 1897 (For attachment to the under barrel magazine tube, can modify if needed).
Some 12g Over and Under Barrel should fit;
Air Arms HC, Pro Sport air rifles.
AYA Yeoman O/U Magnum
Benelli 828U
Brno ZH 303
Browning Citori, Cynergy
Norinco 1893/97 riot.
Verney Carron
Winchester 101, 201.
Most 12g Over and Under Barrel should fit;
Browning 525 12g, Superposed 12s, B80 Auto.
Bettinsoli Diamond 12g.
Crosman Phantom II Air rifle.
CZ-USA Woodcock.
H&R 162, 1212.
Ithaca Deerslayer II (pre-1993), Model 37, XL 900.
Mossberg Abilene .44 Pistol.
Remington 48, 870, 1100.
Ruger Over/Under 12s.
Savage Semi-Automatic Shotguns.
Stoeger Longfowler (over under 30 inch barrel).
Winchester 12, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500.
16g Single Barrel should fit;
Beretta 12 gauge shotguns.
Browning Model 1895 Rifle.
Colt Trooper .357.
Ruger Redhawk, Super Blackhawk.
Savage 24 Series with 20 gauge under-barrel.
Smith & Wesson 25, 29, 57, 629 pistols.
Virginian Dragon .357, .44.
Winchester 528, 1895 Rifles.
20g Single Barrel should fit;
Browning Model 1886, Model 17 Rifles.
Cooey model 840 ("Hi, Some 20 gauge shotguns have a larger diameter, and require the 16g single barrel.").
Remington Model 17
Ruger Over/Under 20 gauge.
Savage 24v Over/Under 20 gauge, 24c 20 gauge.
Shotgun Barrel QD Sling Swivel Base Set

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