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Steadies aim for improved accuracy.
Spring loaded fold up design, so to be in line with your rifle when not in use.

Steel fittings and light-weight aluminium construction so to not add too much
weight to your rifle and effect the balance.

Close up of Telescopic Bipod QD Sling Swivel Base Fitting

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Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ QD Bench Rest ModelANT6-1

£21.00p each

Quick release stud fitting.

Approx 280 grams.
Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ QD Bench Rest Model with Tilt Lock LeverANT6-2+

£36.00p each

Quick release stud fitting, with tilting.

Approx 385 grams.
Telescopic Smooth Leg Rifle Bipod ~ Bench Rest Model for Rifle Forend RailsANT6-3

£30.00p each

Weaver / Picatinny rail fitting.

Approx 325 grams.
Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ QD Bench Rest Model with Panning AdapterANT6-1+

£34.00p each

Weaver / Picatinny rail fitting, with panning.

Approx 410 grams.
Condition: New

Compact rifle bipod.
Black anodised aluminium frame and legs.

Extending legs lock independently in six positions* (for uneven ground).
Legs extend from 5.75 inches to 8.75 inches overall.

Rubber feet.

The overall height adjusts between approximately 5.5 to 8 inches (from the ground to base plate),
the ANT6-3 is shorter.

The ANT6-1 and ANT6-2+ simply attach to your rifles forend sling swivel base, they can also be fitted to weaver/picatinny rails with a bipod stud rail adapter that is available separately. The tension of the tilt function on the ANT6-2+ has been upgraded to a lever.
The ANT6-2+ has a QD sling swivel base on the front, so that you can still attach your sling.
The ANT6-1+ comes with a Weaver rail adapter with panning function.

Please note;
It is not recommended to fit bipods to spring powered air rifles ~ More info.
*The rail fitting ANT6-3 bipod has smooth legs, that pull out and spring back when the release is pressed.


Telescopic Leg Rifle Bipod ~ QD Bench Rest Model with Tilt Lock Lever

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