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S659Black Metal 1 Inch QD Stud Sling / Bipod Fixing Screw1" QD STUD

£4.80p each

For bipod and sling fitting.

Weighs approx 6 grams.
S755Black Metal Air Arms Ultimate Sporter Rear Sling MountREAR SLING MOUNT

£12.60p each

Ultimate Sporter rear sling fitting.

Weighs approx 32 grams.
Condition: New

Air Arms official sling fitting studs.

For attaching QD sling swivels.

All metal construction.

The 1" QD stud has ¾ inch (18mm) long wood screw threads.

Black quick-release Quick-Detach stud for wood stocks.

Built in metal washers.

Needed for Quick Detach sling swivels or QD stud fitting bipod.

Usually used on the buttstock for rear sling swivels.

A pilot hole will be needed to prevent the wood from splitting.

The Rear Sling Mount is designed to fit the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter, Ultimate Sporter R,
Ultimate Sporter XS, Ultimate Sporter XS Xtra, HFT 500 and FTP 900.

It allows you to fit a sling without adapting the stock.

The exploded diagram below shows it (Part No.81) fitting the Ultimate Sporter.

Black Metal 1 Inch QD Stud Sling / Bipod Fixing Screw

Black Metal Air Arms Ultimate Sporter Rear Sling Mount
Exploded View of a Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Stock with Spare Parts Guide List

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