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Napier of London ~ The Choice of Champions

The list of world class airgunners using Napier products just grows and grows, all around the world Napier's Power Products are helping to bring home the trophies.

Made In The UK


6055ppPlastic Bottle of Napier 175ml Pump Spray Airgun Power Gun OilPOWER AIR GUN OIL

175ml pump spray bottle.

£13.20p each
3034ANapier 25ml Squeeze Tube of Airgun Power Gun GreasePOWER AIRGUN GREASE

25ml squeeze tube.

£8.70p each
6050Napier 10ml Dropper Bottle Of Airgun Power Pellet LubePOWER PELLET LUBE DROPPER

10ml dropper bottle.

£5.70p each
6250Napier 25ml Pump Spray Bottle of Airgun Power Pellet LubePOWER PELLET LUBE SPRAY

25ml spray bottle.

£11.70p each
6730Napier Pack Of 65 Pre-Cut Airgun Power Barrel Cleaning PatchesPOWER AIR GUN PATCHES

Pack of 65 pre-cut patches.

£3.60p per pack
Buy any 3 or more for 20% off
Condition: New

Napier of London, have been at the forefront of gun care for decades, and are the chosen supplier of award winning formulas and designs to many leading gunmakers around the world.

Pick and mix from a range of airgun care solutions.

Always read the instructions and safety notes.

If it doubt find a gunsmith.

Guaranteed to protect any airgun, spring or pre-charged.

Fully tested and endorsed by the worlds leading airgun manufacturers, and in daily use by thousands of shooters around the world.

Napier Power Airgun Oil is unique and manufactured to provide optimum performance without potential damage to sensitive O rings and synthetic seals.

Protects against corrosion.
Contains VP90, a powerful vapour phase and contact corrosion inhibitor for lasting protection.
Performs in all temperatures.
Removes finger marks.
Suitable for all airguns.

In a 175ml pumpasol spray bottle.
The new Airgun Grease has been tested to the extreme and has been an important part of the Air Arms master service kit for some years.

Now available to all Airgunners and is ideal for application to springs, its special properties guarantee best performance without the risk of damage to thrust washers, and seals.

Specially formulated for use on piston and pre-charged airguns.

Conatins VP90.

In 25ml squeeze tube.
A quite remarkable simple to use product that will improve accuracy with any pellet and on any type of airgun guaranteed.

The unique complex formula does much more than lubricate, in fact it creates a chemical seal around the skirt of every pellet, ensuring that it will not skim or tear on the rifling of the barrel.

This is turn greatly improves the gyroscopic effect and results in improved flight, with dramatic improvement in accuracy.

Now also available in a handy 25ml pump spray, same great product now even easier to apply, simply spray directly into a tin of pellets for dramatic increase in accuracy, and consistent power on any make or type of airgun pellet.

Proven in use by world competition shooters, the sure way to guarantee performance.

Available in a 10ml dropper bottle or 25ml pump spray.
Rifle Clean patches for use with Napier and similar barrel pull-through cleaning kits.

In packs of 65 pre-cut patches.

Please Note: The patches will be removed from the packaging to be sent flat packed unless part of a larger, bulkier order.
Two Plastic Bottles of Napier 175ml Pump Spray Airgun Power Gun Oil

Napier 10ml Dropper Bottle of Airgun Power Pellet Lube In Use

Napier 25ml Pump Spray Bottle of Airgun Power Pellet Lube In Use

Napier Pack Of 65 Pre-Cut Airgun Power Barrel Cleaning Patches
How to clean an Air Rifle - Napier of London:

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