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6014Napier 300ml Aerosol Can Of Gun Cleaner and LubricantGUN CLEANER & LUBRICANT

300ml aerosol.

£10.50p each
6014RNapier 750ml Aerosol Can Of Gun Cleaner and Lubricant RefillerGUN CLEANER & LUBRICANT

750ml aerosol.

£16.50p each
6019Napier 450ml Aerosol Can Of Rapid DegreaserRAPID DEGREASER

450ml aerosol.

£17.95p each
6105Napier 125ml Aerosol Can Of Silensave and ProtectorSILENSAVE

125ml aerosol.

£10.80p each
8100Napier 100ml Aerosol Can Of EzipEZIP

100ml aerosol.

£5.40p each
4729Napier Ultra Clean Pre-Cut Barrel Cleaning PatchesULTRA CLEAN

Pack of 100 patches.

£4.20p per pack
Buy any 3 or more for 20% off
Condition: New

Napier of London, have been at the forefront of gun care for decades, and are the chosen supplier of award winning formulas and designs to many leading gunmakers around the world.

Pick and mix from a range of gun and equipment care solutions.

Always read the instructions and safety notes.

If it doubt find a gunsmith.

Napier's award winning Gun Cleaner Lubricant: Chosen by Jame Purdey & Son, BASC, Royal Berkshire Shooting School, E.J.Churchill and many leading gunmakers worldwide.

Two in one action, Napier gun cleaner lube cleans and oils any type of gun. Removes fouling, effectively cleans using safe solvents, leaves a micro film layer of Napier Gun Oil and ensures lasting protection from corrosion.

Will not degrease and can be safely used on all firearms. This product is made specifically for guns and will not damage oil or urethane stock finishes.

Contains Napier's VP90, a powerful vapour phase corrosion inhibitor for lasting protection.

Available as a 300ml and 750ml aerosol (also 125ml but we do not currently stock the 125ml).

With use of a GA Connector it is possible to refill the handy 125ml can from the giant 750ml can. The GA connector is sold separately, and simply connects the two cans together allowing the 750ml to refill the 125ml can (see below):

Napier Of London GA Refill System Guide
The very latest product in the Napier gun care line up is now available. Rapid Degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent suitable for any type of firearm, its blend of solvents, very quickly cuts through carbon deposits, old grease and oils and is ideal for regular cleaning of pistons and ports in semi automatic shotguns, chokes, threads etc.

Its newly developed formula is remarkably effective in removing stubborn dirt, but it is much less aggressive on composite parts and wooden stocks than conventional cleaners.

Rapid Degreaser is faster and easier to use than most other products and it compliments the existing range of Napier gun cleaners and oils.

It is packed in distinctive & predominantly black Napier cans, so it cannot be confused with the Napier gun care lubes and cleaners. Of course it is vital that all guns cleaned with Rapid Degreaser are immediately oiled after application as the effective solution will remove all traces of lubricating products along with dirt & carbon deposits.

Available as a 450ml aerosol.
This is the result of Napier's longest ever field trial, and is a product every Rifle shooter has been waiting for. Silencers / sound moderators are notorious for rusting out, yet they are an important part of every stalkers kit but until now there has never been an effective way to protect them.

All Gunmakers have horror stories of expensive rifles being damaged by corrosion from the silencer, and although they should be removed from the gun whilst in storage, this is not always done, in fact it is quite common for them to become so corroded that they cannot be unscrewed.

This is a thing of the past now thanks to Silensave, it is a simple effective chemical that is sprayed directly into either end of the moderator prior to storage. The specially formulated chemical is dispensed with a very low pressure aerosol that creates a mist within the can, ensuring a very fine but even coating on the internal surfaces and baffles. This contains Napier's VP90 corrosion inhibitor amongst other compounds and is carried by a specific solvent that evaporates leaving just the finest coating behind.

But that is just stage one however, as on first firing after application the extreme and immediate heat bonds the chemical to the metal surfaces almost like a ceramic coating, so when used regularly this simply prevents the metals from corroding. Nothing can prevent the condensation created within a moderator, but regular use of Silensave will make sure that it does not lead to damage and greatly prolongs the life of any type or make of silencer.

In Napier's extreme test over the past 6 years a brand new Jet Z moderator fitted to a Mauser MO3, has been used weekly and has passed more than 500 .308 rounds, yet there is absolutely no sign of internal corrosion and it can be screwed on and off the barrel with ease.

Available as a 125ml aerosol.

Anatomy Of The Reflex T8 Moderator
At last a really effective answer to sticky zips on shooting luggage, slips, holdalls, clothing and of course the dreaded welly boots. Footwear in particular suffers from snagging zips, which is hardly surprising when you consider all the muck, and gritty mud that gets into them.

EZIP simply sprayed directly onto the offending zipper, will penetrate the teeth and by gently working the zip a few times will evenly coat the whole zip surface making sure that it runs smoothly and stays that way. Even on new products, metal, or plastic type zips run without sticking with just a single application of EZIP.

EZIP is a safe, non oily film that drives out abrasive particles and leaves an unbelievably slick friction reducer on the actual teeth and puller mechanism.

EZIP can be used safely on any type of zip, and will not harm, rubber, plastic, PVC, metal, or surrounding fabrics. It will greatly extend the life of the items, as zip failure is the most common reason for scrapping clothing, footwear and luggage.

Use EZIP in shooting products, fishing gear, clothing, tents, camping kit, wetsuits, waders, diving vests, automotive heavy duty truck & ATV covers, and 100’s more applications.

EZIP can also be used to free up sticky mechanisms in almost anything and is ideal for curtain pullers, sliding door gear and to reduce friction any hard sliding surface.

Available as a 100ml aerosol.
Ultra Clean patches for use with Napier and similar barrel cleaning rod kits.

In packs of 100 pre-cut patches.

Please Note: The patches will be removed from the packaging to be sent flat packed unless part of a larger, bulkier order.
Napier of London Gun Care Product Range

Napier 125ml, 300ml and 750ml Aerosol Cans Of Gun Cleaner and Lubricant

Napier 125ml Aerosol Can Of Silensave Rifle Silencer Protector Spray In Use

How To Clean A Rifle - Napier of London:

Napier 100ml Aerosol Can Of Ezip In Use On Boot Zip
Napier 100ml Aerosol Can Of Ezip In Use On Wax Jacket Zipper

Napier Ultra Clean Pre-Cut Barrel Cleaning Patches

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