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P90 / D26 style replacement torch bulb modules.


ATC59XML T6 LED Bulb Drop-In AssemblyXML T6

£9.00p each

£8.40p each

1500 lumens.

Smooth reflector.

Colour 6500-7000K cool white light.
ATC63Green LED Bulb Drop-In AssemblyGREEN

£10.80p each

£8.40p each

3 watt.

Smooth reflector.
ATC62Blue LED Bulb Drop-In AssemblyBLUE

£9.60p each

£8.40p each

3 watt.

Smooth reflector.
ATC65Ultra Violet LED Bulb Drop-In AssemblyULTRA VIOLET

£12.00p each

£8.40p each

5 watt.

Smooth reflector.
ATC40Infrared LED Bulb Drop-In AssemblyINFRARED

£10.80p each

£8.40p each

Still available included with the IR-07 Infrared Illuminator Torches

5 watt.

Orange-peel style reflector.

850nm three core.
Buy a mix of three for 50% OFF Condition: New

Effective and energy-saving, low heating, long service life.

Easy and quick to install.

Cree LED.

Unless otherwise stated they should all be single mode full power.

DC (direct current).

Please Note: the XML T6 is only for 3.7 volts, the rest are 3.7 to 8.4 volts.

Reflector with base length is approx ~ 30mm.

Overall length approx ~ 39mm.

Diameter ~ 26.5mm.

Weight approx ~ 22 grams.

Customer Feedback: too long to fit older Surefire G2 torches (the solution maybe to unclip and don't use the large spring).

The Red drop-in bulb can be used for wildlife observation at night, as many animals can not see red or poorly perceive it, so it is less likely to disturb or scare them off as a white light would.

It also shows eye-shine which gives away the animals position at longer distances.

The Green, Blue and Red drop-ins are used for hunting lights.

The infrared drop-in is for use along side night vision devices as a IR illuminator.

The ultra violet drop-in has many uses from fake money detection, jewellery testing, urine tracking and more.

These drop-ins (bulb, reflector and spring assembly) should fit the following and similar D26 / P60 / P60L / P90 / P90L host torches.

Surefire 3P, 3R, 6, 6P, 6PD, 6PL, 6R, 6Z, 7Z, 9P, 9Z, C2,
C3, D2, D3, G2, G2L, G2Z, G3, G3L, GZ2, M2, Z2, Z3.
UltraFire WF-501B, WF-502B, WF-503B, WF-504B, C1.
Surefire G2, 6P, 9P.
Surefire M951 and 952 (with modification).
Solarforce L2, L2M, L2P, L2T, SF6, SF9, SF12.
Lumaforce LF1, LF2 Series.
Ultrafire WF-501A/B/C/D, WF-502B/C/D, WF-503B.
G&P T6, T9, X6, T12, M3, R12.
Uniquefire L2, M2, R5.
SpiderFire L2 Series, Q5, R2, X-03.
Hugsby S3, M2, G2.
Trustfire T1-Q5, TR-B1/2/3, TR-C1 & 2, TR-Q5, TR-C2.

Please Note: If replacing a bulb, it may fit best by swapping springs to use the original spring.

Please Also Note: that the original SureFire P90 Xenon bulb units are shorter in length,
than these LED upgrades.

We have a P90 host torch on both our Hunting Light and Infrared Illuminators pages.

Close-Up View of the Spring on The XPE Q5 LED Bulb Drop-In Assembly
Dismantled View of The XML T6 LED Bulb Module

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