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£20.40p for two

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G96 Gun Blue Pen Animated Waving United States or America Flag

Instant action gun blue pen-type dispenser makes it easy to touch up small marks and
scratches with a minimum of preparation.

Produces a rich, dark blue which will not rub off or discolour.

Ideal for use on finger guards, barrel tips, etc.

Perfect for repairing scratches.

Use like a marking pen.

10cc pen stick.

Made in the USA.

Directions: Remove all oil, grease, or dirt from surface to be blued by cleaning with a gun degreaser.
Pitted or rusted surfaces should be sanded lightly with emery cloth or steel wool.

Apply a small amount of the liquid gun blue from the tip of the pen.
After blueing is achieved (after turning greyish, usually within 15-30 seconds), neutralise area with water.

Wipe dry and apply a protective coating of gun treatment or gun oil or synthetic gun oil for a long lasting lustrous finish.

Better penetration is achieved if metal is slightly warm.
Wash hands after use.

Highly recommended by gun enthusiasts and gunsmiths over any other brand.

Mirror like finish is guaranteed to blend perfectly into the original blueing and leaves no steaks or spots.
Won't rub of or discolour.

Please Note: make sure to read Health and Safety information on the back of the packaging.

G96 Gun Blue Pen in Display Hanger Packaging with G96 Logo
G96 Gun Blue Pen in Display Hanger Packaging

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