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For in the field rifle / shotgun barrel maintenance.


£10.80p per kit
Condition: New
Tactical Gun Barrel Cleaning Black Rod Kit

A simply and effective, compact tactical gun cleaning kit based on the cleaning kit used by the United States Armed Forces.

The kit includes a multi-section black painted steel cleaning rod, five bronze bristle bore brushes, utility nylon brush, a pack of cotton cleaning patches, patch puller loop and thread adapter.

It is a versatile and effective rod that is designed for universal use, on the standard service pistol, rifle, and shotgun calibers.

Cleaning kit for .22 calibre and upwards rifles and shotguns.

A compact cleaning rod kit, ideally for quick in the field use.

Standard USA 8-32 threaded kit, with adapter for shotgun swabs (12g brush included).

The short rod section is the end section that the attachments will fit into.

Disassemble length ~ 7.4″ / 188mm.

Assembled length ~ 30.5″ / 775mm.

Full kit weighs approx 184 grams.

Kit includes:

Five piece metal rod with cross section handle.
1 x #8-32 patch puller loop.
1 x #8-32 thread long bronze bore brush for .22 cal.
3 x #8-32 thread short bronze bore brushes for .357, .40, .45 cal.
1 x #5/16″-27 thread bronze bore brush for 12 gauge.
1 x shotgun thread adapter.
1 x double ended nylon bristle utility cleaning brush.
50 x square cleaning patches for .38-.45 calibre, they can be cut some smaller cal use.

They can be fitted with UK threaded cleaning attachments with the use of a double male end
USA .22 to UK .22 rod adapter.

Also available ~ Rifle Chamber Brushes and Mops.

Tactical Gun Barrel Cleaning Black Rod Kit
Tactical Gun Barrel Cleaning Black Rod Kit with Square Patch Cloths

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