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For handgun maintenance.


LPBH1Red Handle Parker Hale .22 to .25 Small Calibre Pistol Barrel Cleaning RodSMALLER CALIBRES

£17.40p each

Red handle.

For .22 to .25 cal.

UK 5/32” x 32 TPI BSW.

Rod diameter ~ 5.25mm.

Weighs 96 grams.
PBH234Black Handle Parker Hale .27 to .45 Large Calibre Pistol Barrel Cleaning RodLARGER CALIBRES

£17.40p each

Black handle.

For .270 to .45 cal.

UK 7/32” x 26 TPI BSB.

Rod diameter ~ 6.85mm.

Weighs 114 grams.
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Condition: New

One piece pistol barrel rod by Parker-Hale, with ball bearing handles and male thread ends.

Acetate covered rod with brass fittings, with choice for small or large calibres.

Overall length is 11.38" / 289mm.

The rod length is 7.7" / 195mm (minus the thread and handle section).

The rotating handle allows the brushes / patches etc to follow the barrel rifling for a deeper clean.

The red handle model is for small calibres, the black handle for larger calibres.

By prior-request we can supply them with female American threads:
Parker Hale Small and Large Calibre Pistol Barrel Cleaning Rods With American Female Thread
For using US cleaning attachments without an adapter.

For information and links on fittings ~ Parker Hale Cleaning Rod Attachments Guide Page.

Parker Hale Rifle Rod Under Construction
Parker Hale .22 to .25 Small Calibre Pistol Barrel Cleaning Rod
Parker Hale Rifle Rod Handle Under Construction

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