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The original and genuine Paradox Guncleaner was invented by Syd Diggory in the early 1970s and arguably remains the greatest innovation in shotgun barrel cleaning in the past 50 years.

It is the only cleaner field tested and approved by the BASC
(British Association for Shooting and Conservation) and
the CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association).

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£30.00p each

£24.00p each
Condition: New, in storage case
12 Gauge Shotgun Paradox Guncleaner Two Piece Barrel Mop

White man-made fibre mop.

For 20 gauge shotguns.

Hollow black plastic handle containing an oil mop.

Overall length when assembled ~ 1055mm.

Overall storage case length ~ 565mm.

Overall weight in storage case 330 grams.

Made in the UK.

The Paradox Guncleaner is a totally different way of cleaning and oiling your shotgun.

Made from a special type of man-made fibre, the Paradox has the property of generating heat inside the gun barrel when you quickly push the Paradox in and out of the barrel, the heat generated then loosens all the fouling, which sticks to the rod.

You simply need to wash the Paradox in warm soapy water, then rinse and leave to dry.
There is no exposed metal, so no danger of scratching the barrel, which is a major cause of pitting.

The Paradox has a built in oil mop in the handle and comes in a waterproof case for easy storage.

Paradox Guncleaner Guide:

  1. Assemble the two main sections of the Paradox Guncleaner.
  2. Push backwards and forwards with a revolving action, six or seven times, do not use oil at this stage.
  3. Attach the oil bob, stored in the handle, apply a few drops of oil and withdraw through the barrel. Do not apply oil to the main sections of the cleaner.
  4. The barrel is now cleaned and oiled. When the fabric needs cleaning, just wash it in warm water with a bar of soap. Do not wash the oil bob.

Many customers are still using their Paradox Guncleaner 15 years later.

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20 Gauge Shotgun Paradox Guncleaner Two Piece Barrel Mop with Storage Case

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