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Pull-thru barrel cleaners, for a large range of rifle calibres.


ANTAC_BW1BoreWorm Gun Barrel Pull Through RopeBoreWorm Only

£3.60p each
ANTAC_BW2Rifle BoreWorm with Bronze Bristle Brush for 22 CaliberBoreWorm with Brush

£4.80p each
ANTAC_BW3Rifle BoreWorm with Cotton Mop for 22 CaliberBoreWorm with Mop

£4.80p each
Condition: New

Ideal for in the field cleaning.

Quick and easy rifle barrel pull-thru cleaners.

BoreWorm only length is 43 inches / 119cm.

Please note: the bronze brushes are not suitable for airguns with breech seals.

Special Offer:

Order two BoreWorms with Mop or Brush and receive a free plastic .22 cal patch puller and ten premium cleaning patches.

Each BoreWorm consists of;

  • Bore brush ~ for loosening hard deposits or cotton mop ~ to remove the loosen particles.
  • Brass weight ~ drops through the barrel, to allow you to pull the BoreWorm through the barrel.
  • Thread aluminium end ~ #8/32 USA standard rifle rod fitting for large range of optional fittings.

Other available fittings;

Rifle Boreworm with Mop and Bronze Brush for .22 Caliber Barrels

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