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Emotion ring.

Emotion ring that contain a thermochromic element which
changes colour in response to the body temperature.


£1.00p each
Condition: New, no packaging
Mood Ring with Glitter Moon and Stars Theme

This is for one mood ring with glow in the dark moons and stars.

With Free postage and packaging in the UK.

Chocking Hazard: not suitable for children.

A Free download to print out your own mood ring emotion colour guide.

Approximate size guide;

Small ~ 15.9mm diameter / 49.95mm circumference.
Medium ~ 16.9mm diameter / 53.09mm circumference.
Large ~ 17.9mm diameter / 56.23mm circumference.
Extra large ~ 18.9mm diameter / 59.37mm circumference.

Measure tips;

To choose the correct size, measure your finger as follows;

Wrap a strip of paper or string around the base of your finger.
Mark the point were the piece completes the circle.
Then simply measure the from the beginning of the piece to the mark.
You now know the circumference.

Also available ~ UK Made Pewter Pendants Range.

United Kingdom United States Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
J 4.75 48.7 15.5
K 5.25 50.0 15.9
L 5.75 51.2 16.3
M 6.25 52.5 16.7
N 6.75 53.8 17.1
O 7.25 55.1 17.5
P 7.75 56.3 17.9
Q 8.25 57.2 18.3
R 8.75 58.9 18.8
S 9.25 60.2 19.2
T 9.62 61.3 19.5
U 10.25 62.9 20.0
V 10.62 63.8 20.3
W 11.12 65.2 20.8
X 11.62 66.5 21.2
Y 12.00 67.5 21.5
Colour emotion guide;
  • Mood Ring Black Stressed Colour EmotionSTRESSED
  • Mood Ring Green Mixed Colour EmotionMIXED
  • Mood Ring Purple Calm Colour EmotionCALM
  • Mood Ring Light Green Romance Colour EmotionROMANCE
  • Mood Ring Brown Fear Colour EmotionFEAR
  • Mood Ring Light Blue Normal Colour EmotionNORMAL
  • Mood Ring Violet Cool Colour EmotionCOOL
  • Mood Ring Turquoise Passion Colour EmotionPASSION
  • Mood Ring Yellow Nervous Colour EmotionNERVOUS
  • Mood Ring Blue Relaxed Colour EmotionRELAXED
  • Mood Ring Gold Lovable Colour EmotionLOVABLE
  • Mood Ring Dark Blue Very Happy Colour EmotionVERY HAPPY
Mood Ring with Glitter Moon and Stars Theme

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