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Abbey Care Solutions Airsoft Gas Range

A range of airsoft propellant gases, which provide consistent and accurate shooting as well as maximum power and performance.


Abbey Predator 114a Airsoft Gas Canister With Green LabelPREDATOR GUN 144a

£9.60p each
Abbey Predator Maintenance 114a Airsoft Gas Canister With Green LabelPREDATOR MAINTENANCE 144a

£8.40p each
Abbey Brut Sniper Airsoft Blue Gas CanisterBRUT SNIPER

£9.00p each
Abbey Predator Mini Ultra Airsoft Gas Canister With Red LabelPREDATOR MINI ULTRA

£8.40p each
Abbey Predator Ultra Airsoft Gas Canister With Red LabelPREDATOR ULTRA

£10.80p each
Buy any 3 or more for 10% off
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Abbey offer four different kinds of airsoft gases.

Which gas you should use depends greatly on two different factors, which kind of weapon it is (the material of the moving parts) and the temperature outside.


Weapons with plastic parts, such as pistols from Tokyo Marui (plastic slide) need a weaker gas. The slide is lightweight, so an acceptable FPS can be gained with a weaker gas and the slide is weaker, so a more powerful gas will eventually crack and break the slide. Abbeys gas for these purposes is Predator Gun Gas 144a.

Metal pistols have a heavier more durable slide and the bolt inside GBBRs is usually a hard metal. They're often designed to take a bit of a beating and if properly lubricated and cleaned, they'll last a life-time. Due to the fact that the heavier slide / bolt requires more energy to pull back, a more powerful gas is recommend. This helps keep your FPS high enough and your cycle rate crisp. For this Abbey Predator Ultra Gas is recommend, although in colder weather, you may want to jump to Abbey Predator Vertex Gas.

Sniper rifles or high accuracy gas DMRs naturally require accuracy. Whilst all of Abbeys gases use the most minimal amount of silicone oil possible, some players want more. For this Abbey developed Brut Sniper Gas, which is a 0% lubricant gas. It prevents any potential oil from reaching the hop-up and causing a drop in accuracy and range.


Warm weather increases the pressure of the gas in its container. This increases the FPS of the weapon and increases the internal stresses. If your gas gun is close to the FPS limits on a standard temperature day, you may find that the same gas puts you over the limit. This is when you should use a slightly lower pressure gas. For rifles which usually use Abbey Predator Vertex Gas, you may want to drop down to Abbey Predator Ultra Gas.

In the exact inverse to hot weather, the colder weather drops the pressure inside the gun and makes some guns cycle slower and at a lower FPS. If this is the case, use a higher pressure gas. Try using Abbey Predator Ultra Gas for plastic pistols in colder weather.

A gas which you may not be aware of is one used for storage. When your magazine is in storage, the O-rings in the valves and seals may potentially dry out and crack, meaning they'll no longer keep their seal. For this, try Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas. It's formulated with extra lubricant to keep those O-rings and seals fresh. Do not use this gas for skirmishing or shooting.

Abbey 144a Gas is a lightweight gas.
Its low-pressure formula means it's perfect for airsoft guns that require a lower pressure gas due to their plastic construction, whilst still maintaining a skirmishable FPS.
It's also fantastic for keeping your FPS within site limits on those particularly hot days.
Available in 700ml gas bottles and features a polymer fill nozzle to protect fragile O-rings in colder conditions.

Low Pressure for Lightweight Guns

144a gas is an environmentally responsible alternative to 134a gas (banned for airsoft use).
It's a lower pressure than Abbeys other gases, like Ultra and Vertex gas, which means that it's suitable for plastic guns or use during hot weather to keep your FPS under site limits.

Suspended Lubricant

Our gases feature a lubricant that dissolves within the gas, unlike silicone, which sits in the bottom of the tin and magazine.
Since the lubricant stays suspended in the gas, it's constantly nourishing the O-rings within the airsoft gun, regardless of magazine's orientation, meaning there's a more consistent air-seal and less chance of an O-ring failure.

Hot Weather Gas

Higher pressure gases have the tendency to have too much pressure in hot weather, it increases FPS and puts unnecessary stress on a gun's internal components.
By using a lower pressure gas like Abbeys 144a gas, you can maintain a site-legal FPS and reduce the stress on internal parts of your weapon without needing to take your gun apart to change parts.
Abbey Maintenance Gas is designed for the maintenance and storage of your gas airsoft gun's magazines.
It's highly lubricated, low pressure and specifically designed to refresh and revive the internals of your gas magazines.
Maintenance Gas comes in small 270ml bottles, perfect for slipping into a tool box or kit bag.


Abbey Maintenance Gas is low pressure and filled with suspended lubricant.
The lubricant stays dissolved in the gas and constantly nourishes the O-rings and seals within the magazine, regardless of whether your store it upside-down or on its side.
The gas prevents your magazines from drying out and developing a leak during storage.


If you're constantly using a dry gas, like Brut Sniper Gas, or raw propane, you will need to occasionally self-lubricate the O-rings between uses.
This can be a laborious process and you're not always guaranteed to lubricate 100% of the seals and O-rings.
Our Maintenance Gas has the lubricant dissolved in the Gas, anywhere the gas goes, so does the lubricant.
This means it's the perfect gas to re-lubricate and seal internal O-rings, valves and seals within gas magazines.


If you're already suffering from a magazine that leaks, there's a good chance that it's because the O-rings have dried and are no longer holding their seal properly.
Maintenance Gas works its way to these O-rings and nourishes them with oil, causing them to re-seal.
A quick and simple way of bringing your airsoft guns back to life.
Abbey Sniper Gas is a specialist gas designed specifically for use in sniper rifles and DMRs.
It's Abbeys highest-pressure gas, just like Abbey Vertex Gas, so it's perfect for producing high and consistent FPS.
However, Abbey Sniper Gas Contains no lubricant, so there's no chance for the lubricant to affect accuracy.
Sniper gas comes in big 700ml gas bottles for plenty of refills and features a metal fill nozzle for additional strength.

No Lubricant

Abbey Sniper Gas has absolutely no lubricant in it.
Whilst the lubricants in Abbeys gases are designed not to make their way into your hop-up, there's always a chance, and that can affect accuracy.
Abbeys Brut Sniper gas is completely dry, therefore there's absolutely no chance of lubricant getting into your hop-up and affecting accuracy and range.
Because of this, we recommend you service your magazines regularly, or store them using Abbey Maintenance Gas.

High Pressure

Sniper Gas is one of the highest-pressure gases Abbey produce, up there with Vertex Gas.
It's formulated to maintain FPS even at the lower temperatures that more airsoft gases struggle with.
The high pressure means that the gas is stable for longer, your follow up shots are consistent FPS and accurate.

Resistant to Cool Down

The higher pressure means that the gas is less susceptible to the cool down affect and colder temperatures.
Your FPS remains stable even in the cooler temperatures where other gases would struggle.
Abbey Ultra Gas is Abbeys mid-power airsoft gas designed to keep your rifle's muzzle energy under control in those warmer climates.
It'll also help elevate the muzzle energy of lightweight plastic pistols in the colder weather where it may be too cold for a less powerful gas, such as 144a.
Bottles are available in both 700ml large bottles, and handy skirmishable 270ml bottles.
These bottles also come with an O-ring friendly polymer fill nozzle.
This helps protect fill valve O-rings from damage when filling in cold climates.

Medium Pressure

Ultra Gas is the perfect pressure to reduce the muzzle energy of an airsoft rifle that's firing too high on a hot day when using a stronger airsoft gas, like Abbey Vertex.
However, it's strong enough to keep light plastic airsoft pistols cycling when it gets too cold for lighter airsoft gases, such as Abbey 144a.

Suspended Lubricant

Abbey airsoft gases feature a suspended lubricant.
This lubricant is designed to remain suspended in the gas and doesn't settle in the bottle or magazine.
This means there's no need to shake the bottle before refill, and the lubricant constantly keeps O-rings fresh and sealed whilst the magazine is charged.
Other lubricants found in gases, such as silicone, will settle to the bottom of the can and magazine and cause potential operation problems between metal components.

Skirmishable Size

Abbey Ultra Gas comes in standard 700ml size for maximum refills, but we understand that a big gas bottle is not always the easiest to carry around with you in the field.
That's why Abbey added Ultra Gas Mini bottles.
They're just a little less than half the size, at 270ml and are perfect for sticking in a pouch for some in-field refills.
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